Prices and Payment

Perhaps one of the main questions you may worry about is your income as a freelance editor. Of course, this depends on a number of factors, like your expertise, industry or field of study, number of hours you work, etc.

Our experience proves that on average, an online editor can make nearly $250 a month. Yet, it’s not the limit, and the most diligent ones earn up to $1000, and even more.

As for the companies we partner with, they usually offer competitive compensation to their staff. You can find the approximate wage, as well as other details in a short FAQ below.

How Much Money Will I Get as a Freelance Editor?

Depending on the company you work for, the pay may vary as follows:

  • An additional bonus from $35 to $65 upon the completion of a successful probation period
  • Price per page between $5 and $19
  • Around $1000 per month (in case your skills are sufficient, you may be proposed a Managing Editor position with a monthly salary up to $2000)

What Does the Wage Depend On?

As mentioned above, experience, workload, and topic of the text you edit influences your basic income. Yet, there are other things that predetermine what your fee will be, and these are text complexity and the urgency of the order.

The table represents how your earnings per page may differ based on these factors.

Level of text complexity

Critical priority

(deadlines under 24 hours)

Minor priority

(nonurgent orders)


$5 — $10

$3 — $6


$6 — $14

$4 — $8


$7 — $16

$5 — $10


$9 — $19

$6 — $14

The number of corrections you make can also affect your payment. The more mistakes you find, the higher your salary is. Thus, you can get even up to 50% of the overall order price if many changes are needed.

How Often Will I Receive My Salary?

You will be able to get your wage right after adding a payment account (most companies work with Payoneer cards, Skrill, and PayPal). To withdraw your earnings, you should place a request for a payment between the 1st and 5th, or 15th and 20th day of each month. The requested amount of money will be transferred to your account within a couple of business days. Usually, all payments are completed by the 10th and 25th day of every month, depending on the company you work for.