Programming jobs for freelance specialists in Indonesia

We are recruiting proactive English-speaking experts for freelance programming jobs. Would you like to spend your spare time earning extra money? Do you need additional practice to gain more tech experience? If your answer is “yes,” try this part-time job. Your earnings will depend on the size and complexity of each assignment, varying from $20 to $160 per task. There are also additional benefits we gladly offer.

Main requirements

  • Advanced level of written English
  • Well-developed analytical thinking
  • Knowledge of one or more programming languages
  • Completion of at least 5 orders per month
  • Education: a degree in computer science, coding bootcamp, or other certification increases hiring chances
  • At least 6 months of practical experience is preferable

Freelance programmer qualifications (Job responsibilities)

If you’re looking for remote programming jobs, you can find several options at our company. Here’s the list of experts we need, complete with what we expect from each professional.

Web developer

  • Writing fully functioning code from scratch
  • Creating website applications
  • Practical knowledge of JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP

Front-End Developer

  • Building websites according to requirements
  • Developing user-friendly applications
  • Practical knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP

Back-End Developer

  • Developing server-side applications
  • Debugging and troubleshooting
  • Practical knowledge of Java, C, C++, C#, Python

Network Systems Administrator

  • Detecting and removing any issues that appear in computer networks and systems
  • Cisco certification
  • Practical knowledge of Python, Bash, Powershell

Database Administrator

  • Composing database schemas
  • Organizing, storing, and managing data using various methods
  • Practical knowledge of SQL, MySQL, Python, R, PHP, Oracle

Team role of entry-level programming jobs

Each specialist receives tasks from our customers and assists them in completing programming assignments. If you’re looking for remote programming jobs, on our team you can write source code, create technical reports, and tackle other similar requests. You’ll never get bored with routine tasks because each order has unique instructions, size, and deadline, along with customization requests. This is one of the best part-time programming jobs with a flexible schedule where you can gain professional experience.

Programming jobs salary for freelancers

Your monthly earnings at our company can vary, but they always stay timely and competitive. Specifically, you can receive from $300/month during the low season up to $1200/month during the high season. Please note that $1200/month is not the highest limit of your possible compensation. Your salary primarily depends on how many orders you complete. In short, such freelance programming jobs offer decent income without a strenuous nine-to-five schedule.

The perks of working for our company

  • Your own terms of cooperation (flexible schedule)
  • The possibility to find new orders 24/7
  • Up to $150 of seasonal bonus twice a year
  • Your private Slack channel for individual chat support
  • Constant development of your hard and soft skills