Content Editor Jobs

Experiencing actual physical pain when you see grammatical mistakes? Have an urge to correct all of them right away? Have enough knowledge and experience to be able to do this professionally? We’ve got a great offer for you! Join our team of content editors and you’ll have a cool new job you actually enjoy doing.

What We Offer

  • flexible schedule which means that you get to choose when you want to work
  • a competitive salary and lots of bonuses depending on the amount of work completed within a month
  • you are always in charge of your workload
  • the option to work within different fields as you can choose the subjects and disciplines yourself
  • tons of training and coaching opportunities

Skills We Need You To Have

  • excellent command of the English language
  • a degree in linguistics will be a huge plus
  • having previous experience working as an editor, translator or copywriter will be advantageous as well
  • experience working with specific editing and translating software such as Multitran or ProZ will come in handy
  • ability to concentrate and attention to detail are among the most significant skills you should possess if you want to join our team of editors

What Your Main Tasks Will Be

  • reading through a number of texts written in English, finding and correcting mistakes
  • fixing the writing style of papers is among your responsibilities as well
  • occasional rewriting is also a part of the job
  • making sure the paper is written in accordance with all specified requirements
  • checking the formatting of the papers

A Brief Description Of What It’s Like To Be An Editor In Our Company

A position of an editor at our company is not merely about correcting mistakes and spending long hours staring at your computer. You are a warrior in the world of poor grammar. You are the person who helps our writers get better at doing their job. You are the one who knows which writing style is the best one to use in regards to a certain academic writing assignment.

When you edit a text, make sure you have provided feedback. This way, our writers will have an opportunity to learn from their mistakes, and avoid making them in the future. As a result of that, our clients will be satisfied with the quality of the services we provide.

Editing can be boring. Everyone knows that. In order to make your everyday tasks as diverse as possible, we give you an opportunity to choose between different subjects and disciplines. This way, you will not have to edit only those texts the topics of which deal with history or literature, for instance.

Feel free to select any text you want.

We need your excellent editing skills. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in joining our team. We’ve got a lot to offer!