C programming jobs for beginners in Lahore

Hello, are you looking for C programming jobs online? Interested in handling our most uncomplicated academic assignments and getting paid for them? Check out this vacancy! You may have seen many jobs in C programming, and we’re ready to offer this one to beginner C programmers with little experience who are diligent enough and aimed at providing the finest C code they can. We can be a happy beginning of your professional career in C programming, so let’s get to business!

Requirements for C specialists

  • Advanced written English.
  • Technical task understanding skills.
  • Enough of free time to complete 5+ coding requests per month.
  • Education proof: a college degree, C courses, or any other relevant certification will be a huge plus.
  • Half a year of on-hand experience in C coding on any project is optional but expected.

Job responsibilities of C developers

None of the following tasks will be a surprise for those who have tried C programming jobs from home:

  • Writing C code for clients who use Windows or Linux OS.
  • Working with popular C frameworks from the academic program of modern colleges and universities.
  • Debugging and commenting on the code you create in C.
  • Testing all the changes you make as traditional for any C developer jobs.
  • Editing and revising your own code to prove its reliability.

More on the C developer role

When we hire C developer, we expect a new person to be dedicated to our goals of helping students become more professional while completing their educational programs. A professional and creative individual is needed to handle our client’s requests professionally and creatively, as we expect students to learn new skills and knowledge using our code. You can choose tasks for yourself and do them at your own pace within the requested deadlines. We expect you to grow as a programmer with our team, so your C skills will also rise.

C developer salary: Our offer

Our rates are competitive in terms of a C developer salary. They vary from $20 to $160 per completed task. The price we pay depends on the complexity level of the task and deadline awareness. Our role differs from other remote C programming jobs because of the seasonal activity trends of our clients. High and low seasons will bring you up and down with your salary, but anyway, you’ll get from $300 per month during the low season and more than $1200 per month during the high season.

Benefits of being a C programmer at our company

  • Schedule your work as you want. Take as many tasks as you can handle and deal with them at your own pace.
  • Clients leave new requests 24/7, so you can grab them anytime.
  • $150 bonus rewards will be knocking at your door twice a year.
  • Get and provide support in the personal Slack channel.
  • Become even more confident in your C programming skills while training on academic assignments!
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