C# developer: Beginner’s level job for you in Tacloban

We’re hiring for entry-level C# programming jobs that can become the first line in your CV as a programmer. Your main task will be completing the academic-level programming assignments you can hand-pick. No other remote C# programming jobs can offer you that. Another specificity of our vacancy is that we’ll require a high level of written English for communication needs.

Responsibilities for C# developers

They are pretty typical for all C# developer jobs:

  • Be able to solve tasks for both Windows and Linux-based users using C#.
  • Write code in C# for different academic assignments related to mobile and desktop app development, complex websites, or games.
  • Deal with errors in the C# code created by the clients, if needed.
  • Follow the revision request, test, and check your own code for reliability.

Requirements for C# specialists

  • Advanced English.
  • Being able to read technical tasks related to C# programming jobs.
  • Being available for at least five orders a month.
  • College degree in computer science, C# coding training camps, or any other relevant certification that proves your programming skills.
  • Half a year of practical experience in C# is not a must.

C# developer role

We hire C# developer to assist our clients with tasks they may encounter during their programming courses. This is an opportunity for young programmers to learn traditional skills and get their CVs noticed. This role doesn’t contrast much with other C# programming jobs from home: you’ll see the tasks available in our system, select the ones you like, complete them, add some edits if needed, and get paid. In addition to learning programming, you will earn money while improving your skills without additional stress while working for our company.

Payments: C# developer salary you can expect

Our C sharp developer salary is competitive if you look at the tasks you’ll have to deal with. Depending on the level of the assignment, your reward can range between $20-$160 per task. That’s impressive for the beginner’s freelance C# developer hourly rate! You can earn fine enough daily if you’re good at solving academic problems. You are not limited in any way, still, some seasonal peculiarities may affect your income nonetheless. During the low season, you can earn at least $300/month, and the high season can bring you about $1200+/month!

Begin your C# career with us and get these perks

  • You can try C# developer jobs’ remote style!
  • Any developer enjoys a flexible working schedule. No one will hurry you up as long as you complete your selected tasks in time.
  • You can take new orders anytime, 24/7.
  • We grant you a seasonal bonus of $150 twice a year.
  • You can get support from your colleagues via our Slack C# experts’ channel.
  • Anyone can improve their programming skills while doing academic-level tasks, but only you’ll additionally get paid for it!
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