Mentors (Mentoring Editors) Jobs

Do you like commenting on different kinds of mistakes and explaining what the correct way of saying or writing a certain word/phrase/sentence is? Do you enjoy teaching other people? If your answer is affirmative, you are exactly the person we are looking for!

Advantages Of Working At Our Company

  • you get to decide what your schedule looks like (the minimum workload at our company is five hours per day, five days a week, the rest is totally up to you)
  • the salary you get depends on the amount of tasks you have completed but we guarantee that this position is well-paid
  • the opportunity to work on interesting projects and become a part of a great team

What You Are Required To Do

  • coaching, training and curating a team of freelance writers
  • managing the workloads of those writers
  • proofreading and editing the work of a writer who has just completed their task in order to correct all spelling, grammatical, syntax and punctuation mistakes
  • making sure the text is written in accordance with all specified requirements
  • providing useful feedback (this way, our writers will get a chance to get better and learn more)
  • being an encouraging and motivational mentor to help writers develop their skills

Benefits For You

  • a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills as running and managing a team of expert writers will definitely result in acquiring tons of useful experience
  • working closely with a personal manager who will help you adapt ASAP
  • getting tons of materials for professional and personal growth

Skills You Need To Have

  • experience in translating, editing or writing in English
  • having profound knowledge of academic writing peculiarities or a degree in linguistics will be an advantage
  • excellent command of written English
  • attention to detail is a must
  • exceptional organizational skills
  • stable internet connection and the possibility to check your work email twice a day, as well as upon request
  • you will also be required to pass a two-month probation period

Salary You’ll Get

The field we work in has the so-called ‘high’ and ‘low’ seasons which is why your salary will depend on the number of orders you have completed within a month. During the high season, you will be able to earn between $750 and $2500 per month. Your income may decrease during the low season but you always have an opportunity to take more orders so that to earn more money.

What Your Job Will Be Like

Surely, your primary task at this job is to edit and proofread lots of texts. The good news is that it does not have to be boring as we provide you with an opportunity to choose disciplines and subjects you want to work with. To specify, you can proofread academic papers, blog posts or both and always select what type of content you want to edit at that particular moment.

Another aspect of this job is to assess the work of the writers who will be under your command. Do not forget to provide feedback and constructive criticism, as well as explain why you have corrected this particular mistake. It will help our writers get better at their jobs. What is more, you should be a motivational mentor who is able to encourage the team to never stop learning. This way, working together will be a real pleasure and a very positive experience for all interested parties. The better your writers become at doing their job, the less work there will be to edit for you. It’s a win-win situation.

Working at this position can help you become an editor-in-chief in future. If you are interested in working as a mentor for editors, feel free to send your CV to us right away.