Managing Editor Jobs in Bloemfontein

Have you ever found yourself answering a simple question for half an hour? Do you enjoy seeking out grammatical mistakes other people make and commenting on them? Do you like explaining or teaching things to people, even if they never asked you to? Have you ever been called a “Grammar Nazi?”

If you have answered “yes” to at least half of the questions above, you might just be the person we have been looking for.

How You Will Benefit

  • You can manage your schedule as you want. Five working days a week, at least five hours per day–the rest is up to you.
  • The same applies to your workload: you can choose your priorities and amounts of work on your own.
  • Your salary will depend on the number of task you complete. But it is a good salary, we promise.
  • You will have the chance to work on interesting projects created and ran by a team of professionals.

What You Will Do

  • Generally speaking, you will be curating and coaching a team of freelance writers.
  • You will need to evaluate the skills and competence of every writer you will be working with.
  • Considering the information obtained, you will need to manage writers’ workloads.
  • After a writer working under you finishes a task, you will need to proofread and edit it, making sure that all of the grammatical, stylistic, punctuation, and other mistakes are eliminated.
  • You will need to check whether orders completed by your writers meet all the requirements your customers provided.
  • Feedback is invaluable! Nurture your writers’ confidence in their skills by providing them with constructive criticism and useful feedback.
  • Encourage your proteges to develop and learn further, and become a godfather of the ultimate writing team!

What You Will Gain

  • Great practice for your leadership skills! The experience you will obtain running your own team of writers will prove valuable in whatever other profession you choose later.
  • You will not be alone on this journey. As a managing editor, you will receive a personal manager who will help you adapt to the new working conditions and requirements as quickly as possible, and without excessive stress.
  • A nice opportunity to discover and develop your mentoring, coaching, and managerial skills.
  • All the materials and assistance needed for constant personal and professional growth.

What Is Required

  • You must be experienced in translating, writing, and/or editing in English. Being familiar with the peculiarities of academic writing is an asset (as well as a degree in linguistics).
  • Your written English skills must be exceptional. You do not have to be Shakespeare, but being fluent in English grammar and stylistics is a must–as well as the ability to express and convey your thoughts on paper convincingly.
  • Are you familiar with the expression “painfully meticulous?” That is what we want you to be. Attention to tiny details and nuances, as well as the ability to explain them to others will be crucial to your work.
  • Developed leadership and organizational skills are required.
  • You must have a stable Internet connection, and be able to check work emails at least twice a day, as well as on request.
  • You will also have to pass a 2-month probation period.

What You Will Earn

This work is dependant on seasons, which generally fall into “high” and “low.” Since your salary will depend on the number of completed orders, during a typical “high” season, you will be able to earn somewhere between $750 and $2000 per month. During a “low” season, your income may decrease, but everything depends on you: you can always take more orders to compensate the difference.

What Your Routine Is Going to Be Like

Mostly, you will be doing editing and proofreading–lots of it. If this sounds like an ordeal to you, consider the fact that you will be able to choose what you want to work on yourself: not just the topics, but the type of content as well. For example, on Mondays, you feel like proofreading some blog posts, and on Thursdays there is nothing like editing a couple of academic papers to you. No problemo! Do as you like–the main requirement is to get the job done.

Along with editing and proofreading, you will also need to assess the work of writers under your command. Your feedback and criticism–as well as motivation and encouragement–will help them grow and develop their professional skills. The better you train them, the less work you will have to redo for them–and the better for you!

This vacancy is a direct gateway to becoming an editor-in-chief in the future. If you feel like giving it a try, send us your CV. Good luck!